Who am I ?

I’m Ramiro, from Uruguay.

I don’t really fit in many boxes, I’m a collage of many things and many worlds that come together in my mind.

I’ve written an important piece of paper that could be taken as journalism / investigative report or simply as a guide for understanding something new and complex. Bitcoin: Untiled is its name.
I give this work great importance for I know it will be valualable for every person on earth trying to figure what´s the deal with this technology. From a CEO to a simple kid. It’s a must read.

As with all my work posted here. It is mine and mine only. But it’s free for anybody to enjoy and share. In my mind, ideas have no value. The true value comes from people.

I don’t work for anybody but myself. I’m not rich. I fear the same things you do probably.

I don’t have the best CV, though I’ve experienced many different experiences that include building (sometimes literally) my own buisness from the ground up. In the real world. With real people.
I’ve been lucky to have lots of support from people who do believe in me and my values.

My best feature is that I learn and I improve. I thrive from learning. That’s what makes me tick.
I also hate inefficnecies. I see the world as our interations as time spent. When I look at businesses I just convert time to money and that’s how I put things together.

I’m not a great businessman. I usually know what things should look or what should be done to improve X, but I don’t think I have that drive needed to doing things. It is there, as I have used it, but it doesn’t come as natural.

I’m just trying to be honest. In the process I may be unfair with myself.

The truth is: I’m really valuable. I have skills most people don’t have. My brain operates on many levels, and I’m really good with people. At least in real life.
I enjoy conversations, even though I’m shy. My yoga teacher once told be I have a mirror soul, and people see their soul reflected in me, and that’s why I connect with so different people for all sorts of background.
Yes, I used to do yoga. It “cured” me of almost 20 years of insomnia. There is something going on there, no doubt.

I’m special.

Last year, during covid, I said to myself I wanted to change the world. And that’s what I started telling my friends. The follow-up question: “How?” was still a big unanswerable mystery.

I have many skills but I’m not specially skillful in anything. There are tons of people more apt and experienced in all fields of life. I don’t know my place in the board or even what is the game we are playing. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I do know I’m exited about the real capabilities the true Bitcoin system enables. You can only do this if you stop thinking about it as a courrency and start thinking of it as a new software.

I live in a “remote” place. Nobody knows who I am, and I’m usually ignored by people. So, I had two options. Either wait for someone to knock on my door. Or to actively do something. Send signals to the right people for them to see.

Anyways, this is my journey. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

If you want to contact me, you can do it via mail at: ramiro@duck.com (This is a beta service from DuckDuckGo. It just re-sends your message free of trackers to my gmail account. Keep this in mind since my answer should come from true account).
I’m not very active on social media, though I do use to pick links and ideas from smarter people.

pd: I hate spelling mistakes, but I don’t always have the time or skill to correct everything I write.